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chiropractic adjustment longmont colorado
chiropractic adjustment longmont colorado

As we hit middle age, our bodies start to give out on us.  Recovering from all those activities we used to enjoy doesn’t come quite as easy.  We can’t quite figure out what is out of wack, but know a chiropractor could help.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find relief sooner than later so you could get back to the things you really love?  A Chiropractic adjustment that leaves you feeling better than when you walked in the door?  Longmont, Colorado based Shimer Chiropractic believes in getting to the core of health issues, and not just solving the problems you see on the surface.  Dr. Wendy Shimer has the unique skill to visually analyze your body, see what is happening that is causing you issues, and get to the root of the problem, quickly and efficiently.  Her goal is to make you feel better faster and long term.  Learn more about Dr. Shimer’s unique approach here.

“Dr. Wendy shimer is a true healer! She’s the only one who can fix my wreck of a body! I’m so happy to have found her!”


spinal alignment longmont colorado's Shimer Chiropractic

Once your body receives an adjustment and your spine is in alignment, it’s easy to believe “hey that problem is fixed, time to get back to life.”  Typically that is an end goal, which Dr. Shimer keeps in mind when working with chiropractic patients.  However, if your body has been misaligned for an extended period of time, it will take some time for the adjustment to “stick”.  Think of it as getting back into your workout routine.  You can’t go from no exercise to running a marathon in one workout.  It’s impossible, and yet sometimes we think our bodies can repair themselves instantly. It takes time to realign the body and achieve optimum health depending on the extent of an injury or misalignment.  Learn more about Dr. Shimer’s long term alignment philosophy and methodology here.

“From the moment I met Dr. Wendy Shimer I knew that I was in good hands. I’ve struggled with multiple issues as a result of accidents, athletics and osteoarthritis.  Dr. Shimer has helped immensely with all of my physical issues, including chronic back, hip, neck, knee and elbow pain.  I’m really impressed with her knowledge base when it comes to the human body and holistic wellness, and she is really easy to talk to and work with. I drive every week from Westminster to Longmont because I just haven’t found another chiropractor that is as effective as she is. I know that Dr. Shimer is committed to my personal well-being and in my experience that isn’t always the case in the medical field.”


spinal alignment longmont colorado's Shimer Chiropractic
celebrating health with chiropractic adjustment
shining with health through chiropractic adjustment

Once your body adjusts to consistent alignment, you will not only have less pain, but you will also find yourself with more energy, mental clarity and overall improved health.  Dr. Wendy Shimer has seen her patients go from weary, overwhelmed and tired of looking for health answers to truly shine in their health and all other aspects of their life.  When you are feeling well, it is easier to take better care of your body, reach your life goals and enjoy everyday living,   Come to Longmont and experience Shimer Chiropractic’s Adjust, Align and Shine program or learn more about how the program can work for you here.

“When Dr. Shimer opened her own practice, I was ecstatic! I hunted her down when she left her former employer until I could find her because she is that good. Dr. Shimer has helped me so much with strength, core exercises, and, finally, I can stand up straight. She has a very gentle touch if that is what you need, and she explains everything she is doing and why. I will NEVER see another Chiropractor again. If you have not tried going to a Chiropractor before, you should come see Dr. Shimer. She is DEFINITELY worth the visit. Highly recommend.”


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At Shimer Chiropractic, our mission is “Helping your back to a better life!”  We look at our patients’ structural spine health as well as the other extremities. Our goal is to create bodies that are balanced, healthier and better equipped to handle the everyday world stresses. We believe that you are a person and not just a number, and we care about your long term health.  Longmont’s Shimer Chiropractic offers exceptional chiropractic care that will change you and your life for the better!

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