The History of Chiropractic

The History of Chiropractic

The First Adjustment Have you ever wondered how modern-day Chiropractic was discovered? Who gave the first adjustment? Who researched and drove the profession where it is now? What are the different techniques and how do they affect the body and pain? D.D. Palmer was...
Different Sugar Types and What You Need to Know About Eating Them

Different Sugar Types and What You Need to Know About Eating Them

Is Sugar Intake ruining your Health? Some types of sugars are healthier than others. There’s a lot of confusion out there about Sugar. “What types of sugar are healthiest for me?” “Is this Sugar healthier than this one?” The simple answer might shock you....
Dr. Shimer: Yep. Even If You’ve Had a Slip-n-Fall

Dr. Shimer: Yep. Even If You’ve Had a Slip-n-Fall

Woo-Woo: Scientific Style, Breaking Down the Label I used to think chiropractors, massage therapists, and herbalists were part of the “not really a thing” crowd. I lumped them in with the Woo-Woo. I was firmly a traditionalist and didn’t put up with the nonsense of...

What Do I Really Get with a Regularly Scheduled Visit?

Three Simple Questions What’s the value of a one-time-only visit? What do I really get with regularly scheduled visits? What would it take for me to keep those appointments, if I can’t even bring myself to use a gym membership consistently? Those are simple questions...

Stalking the Right Chiropractor Pays Off:

How my eye-rolls and bad experiences get an attitude check when Dr. Wendy sees me again After that glorious moment–the one on Dr. Shimer’s borrowed table in her substitute shop–I spent a month wondering Where did my Dr. Wendy go? Right alongside that...

Dr. Wendy Shimer: Longmont’s Best-Kept Chiropractic Secret

A different doctor, a different result Hi. I’m Sharon, and I’m not new to chiropractic care. Instead, I would call myself a reluctant enthusiast. Or maybe I’m a recovering cynic. I am, however, a convert to Dr. Wendy Shimer’s integrative philosophy. She’s an...

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