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Ali Muno
Ali Muno
20:38 15 Feb 19
The best chiropractic office in Longmont by far! Dr. Shimer is awesome and really knows what she is doing. They are now being featured at Planet Fitness Longmont as the only recommended chiropractor. I highly recommend using her services!read more
Hassie Hurst
Hassie Hurst
22:16 21 May 18
Dr. Shimer is the only Chiropractor in 20 years to Wrangle my Shoulders back where they belong. My shoulders as well as the rest of my body feels Great and better than ever! She is truly gifted and talented! You don't know what you're more
22:57 13 Apr 18
Wendy (Dr. Shimer) is simply fantastic. She has wonderful chiropractic skills and awesome equipment. I began seeing Wendy when she was practicing at The Joint and followed her when she started up her own practice in Longmont. Among her new equipment is a wonderful chiropractic bed that does everything but hug you and pat you on the head. I highly recommend Dr. more
Gloria Leitner
Gloria Leitner
01:22 27 Feb 18
After trying several Chiropractors over the years, Dr Shimer is making a difference in how my neck and shoulders feel. I have spent 35 years doing IT computer work and she is finding ALL the troubled spots. Very skilled in what she does. Highly recommend her more
Gillian Peck
Gillian Peck
14:53 14 Feb 18
When Dr. Shimer opened her own practice, I was ecstatic! I hunted her down when she left her former employer until I could find her because she is that good. Dr. Shimer has helped me so much with strength, core exercises, and, finally, I can stand up straight. She has a very gentle touch if that is what you need, and she explains everything she is doing and why. I will NEVER see another Chiropractor again. If you have not tried going to a Chiropractor before, you should come see Dr. Shimer. She is DEFINITELY worth the visit. Highly more
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