Before Your Appointment

Please complete the patient intake form prior to your first appointment at Shimer Chiropractic.  We ask new patients to either fax us the completed form or bring it with you to your first appointment in our Longmont office.

All our forms are in PDF format, which can be read by AdobeReader® you can Click Here to download the free program to access our online forms.

The New Patient Health History Form is required it helps Dr. Shimer understand your health history and current health condition and concerns.  It also helps us to understand your overall health and wellness goals so can we best serve you.

5 Star Review of Shimer Chiropractic

“Wendy is great! She knows her stuff and has great touch in her hands and you can totally trust her. She’ll find out what’s wrong with your body and work with you over time to fix it. Her price is VERY reasonable for a skilled chiropractor.”


5 Star Review of Shimer Chiropractic

“Dr. Shimer is fantastic at her work! I followed her from her previous location as well. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, caring, and effective! She found the missing pieces that needed to be addressed, that other chiropractors were missing. She is also very intuitive and in tune with her clients–she has a real gift for listening, healing, and working with the body.”


5 Star Review of Shimer Chiropractic

“Dr. Shimer is an excellent Chiropractor. I’ve been seeing her for the last 4-5 years for various cervical and hip problems. She keeps me hiking and on skis — even at age 53! My Dad introduced me to Chiropractic care when I was 13, after I had wrenched my neck water skiing. I’ve gone to many Chiropractors during the last 40 years and Dr Shimer is the best. I couldn’t recommend her more highly..”


5 Star Review of Shimer Chiropractic

“I first saw Dr. Shimer at The Joint in Longmont. I went in with my neck and shoulders so out of alignment and muscles so tight that I couldn’t move my head. She was gentle yet thorough and had me back to 100% mobility within a handful of visits. I once again tracked her down at her new office a few months ago when my lower back went out in the middle of moving. I hobbled into her office unable to stand and after some of her gentle yet firm adjustments, I walked out. After a few visits I was back to moving through the world pain free which felt like a miracle. With regular visits, she is helping me address some chronic hand numbness and helping me stay mobile and active which is a good thing since I have a very full life as a wife, mother of six, and business owner. I highly recommend Dr. Shimer to anyone who is looking for a good chiropractor or who experiences back and neck issues and wants to avoid the drugs/surgery medical model of care. Let her help you get back to life and wellness like she did for me.”


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